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    1. docdoowop

      I would like the permission to post one more watch for sale as it is my last one I have left to sell to raise funds for a vintage project. I basically sold off all my non-Rolex reps and the last one is a brand new Cartier Santos 100 in auto and steel band. Thank you, JC
    2. beachcat

      I sent this to you because something isnt right with this situation.
      Because the card and account are only days old with only 1 transaction on the internet to cto.......I am very concerned about the security of the RWI members


      I opened a new bank account one week ago.
      I used the corresponding debit card only once on the internet yesterday with a small payment on cto.

      24 hours later my bank password and banking email account
      are not recognized and rejected by my official banking online (bank web site)

      I checked my account online this worked fine.........30 minutes ago nothing worked........
      password rejected and email was not recognized (email was setup in the bank and I have received emails from them)

      On the phone the banks agent recommended I close the debit card

      I cancelled the debit card :(

      When I do the is disturbing
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