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25-07-11, 22:13

I am wanting to modify my Speedmaster moonie with the seagull movement.
But as i want to "Freeze" one of the sundials I need to remove the hands.

Is there a safe proven method for removing and reattaching the hands with general house hold tools??!! Im too impatient to order tools and wait!

Any ideas strange or not would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

25-07-11, 22:38
By using tools other than hand removers you risk damaging both the hand AND the dial. I have removed hands of my PAMs using the smallest of the precision screwdrivers because I wasn't at home at that time. It was a nightmare. They came out VERY hard and....well it was hell. And we're talking about a basic 6497 movement. Taking hands off of a chrono is a whooole different story. They are fragile enough to get damaged by special hand removers, I can only imagine the outcome if you use anything else. I wouldn't do it if I were you. Just order some hand removers (along with hand pressers) and do the job properly

25-07-11, 22:44
Thanks for the reply,

Could you give any advise on the tools required? Im pretty new to playing with hands!
I was looking on cousins website and saw there a million different types!

kind regards

25-07-11, 22:50
In general, the more expensive the higher the quality. If I were you I'd buy a cheapo watch and practice removing and putting the hands back. You're pushing your luck if you're going to do your first try in a chrono. Some of our best modders end up fvcking up chrono hands and they've removed hands a gazillion times. What do you think is left for someone like yourself who has never done it. Trust me mate, it's not as easy as it is. It is very delicate work and as a first timer, I wouldn't try it on a watch worth more than $80

25-07-11, 23:08
I wouldn't do that if I were you... You're going to end up having to replace the hands if you bend any of them in the process. Been there done that...

The gen hands do not fit the replica movement - so if you screw them up you have to either source new hands for the ST-1902 movement that is in that watch (handwind model) or you'd have to have the gen hands modified to fit the rep.

Be nice to your watch - use the right tools. The movement in that watch is like a Maytag..... You won't be seeing a repairman any time soon. It's one of the most reliable watch movements used in any rep.

Pugwash's page has the specifications on the hand sizes you'd need.


12-09-11, 11:24
Someone suggested covering the dial and using finger nails, but mine aren't long enough

13-09-11, 08:39
Original hand removers were little more than a pair of small steel j hooks. Still available..


You can make your own from bobby pins.

By many, still the preferred method for small / delicate hands.

13-09-11, 09:03
2 advices on choosing a hands remover tool:

1- Don't get the cheap stuff, especially as you want to work on a chrono with small and delicate hands.
2- Get a lever type hands remover. Even though the most popular type is the "presto" type, it's too brutal and imo should be avoided.



More general advices:

- Get some dial protectors
- As you want to work on a chrono, choose some very fine levers.

13-09-11, 13:53
Needle and thread. Well, thread at least. Get the thread under both ends of the hands, very close to the post or even wrap around the posts a few times carefully, and pull upwards gently.

I have a feeling that if you're too impatient to wait for the tools you're going to break something. Patience and doing things properly are key when working with watches.